Editorial Staff
9 months ago

Editorial Staff
9 months ago

Elderly Man’s Heartbreak Leads to Supermarket Theft

By Zaya Williams


They say love can make you do some crazy things and for Fitzroy Aska that saying proved to be true when the villa resident walked into the Perry Bay Supermarket and stole three items

His excuse was that he got distracted following a “break-up” with his girlfriend

On Saturday the elderly man was seen on camera walking through the aisles removing three items from off the shelves.

According to reports, he pickpocketed a Colgate brand toothpaste and a bottle of honey. CCTV cameras also showed the man hiding a pack of salami behind an ice freezer on his way out.

The defendant was handed over to police who later charged him with stealing items worth almost $40.

He pleaded guilty before the court on Tuesday but said that he recently had an argument with his girlfriend and she called while he was in the store and broke up with him.

It was then and there that Aska said he was so distracted that he made a mistake by taking up the items without paying.

He was told to pay a fine of $100.


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