Editorial Staff
9 months ago

Editorial Staff
9 months ago

Gun, bullets, marijuana and police jacket lands man in almost 30K debt with the court

By Zaya Williams

Jamaul Jacobs now owes almost $30,000 for a gun, bullets, drugs, and part of a police uniform found in his home.

Last week Thursday, the police forcibly entered the man’s Tindall Road home when they knocked and no one answered.

The officers came armed with a search warrant but instead of letting them in, the defendant is said to have been running inside the home.

When the police obtained entry into the house, they found the man inside throwing an item out of a window.

Officers searched outside of the window and found a silver pistol and eight corresponding bullets.

A further search led them to find $280 worth of the controlled drug cannabis and another unexpected item.

A black police jacket was also found in a shopping bag.

The defendant was arrested an taken to a police station along with the items and was later charged for the illegal possession of each of the items.

He appeared in the St. John’s Magistrates’ court this morning and was fined for each of the four charges.

Jacobs, who is said to have a pending matter in the court and one conviction, was then given until the last working day in December to pay a total of $29,500 to the court-$500 for the police jacket, $1000 for the weed, $8000 for the ammunition and $20,000 for the hand gun.

He could serve up to 18 months in His Majesty’s Prison if he does not find all of the monies in time.


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