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Editorial Staff

Darwin Telemaque Re-elected PMAC Chairman

Darwin Telemaque, the General Manager of the Antigua and Party Port Authority

Darwin Telemaque, Antigua and Barbuda’s Port Manager has retained the chairmanship of the Port Management Association of the Caribbean, PMAC.

Elections were held during the Association’s Annual General Meeting at Antigua’s Royalton Resort on Thursday.

In an interview with State Media, Telemaque said he was elated to have been re-elected. He said it is a significant achievement for Antigua and Barbuda’s Port Authority

“We are grateful for the confidence and trust that has been once again extended to Antigua and Barbuda and we will continue to work hard to build the institution that helps to support our ports”, he said

PMAC membership currently consists of twenty-one ports within twenty Caribbean territories as well as a number of regional and international Associate Member companies.

These territories according to PMAC are competent providers of a wide range of maritime industry services, most with an established track record of operating within the Caribbean.

Among its objectives are to improve the proficiency of member ports and the quality of services offered to their user.

This will be done specifically through the facilitation of relevant training designed to maximize human resources, and effectively meet the ever-increasing challenges of the global environment.


  1. Mea

    What, no one else qualified but this man? What the hell is happening in Antigua and Barbuda? Are the native born lack qualifications or the qualified native have all migrated overseas?

  2. On looker

    What this have to be where you were born? Isn’t it a job? Does it really matter? Getting the job done is what I think really matters…. Black people never stop hating……


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