Editorial Staff
5 months ago

Editorial Staff
5 months ago

Telemaque attends PMAC meeting and CMU curriculum review

Darwin Telemaque, the Chairman of the Port Managers Association of the Caribbean (PMAC)

Darwin Telemaque, the Chairman of the Port Managers Association of the Caribbean (PMAC) and the Antigua Port Authority, recently attended a successful meeting to review the Caribbean Maritime University (CMU) curriculum.

During the meeting, the university had the opportunity to engage with industry stakeholders from the region to present the new curriculum and update them on the status of graduating students.

Telemaque explained that the industry trends were analyzed, and the university’s ability to handle these trends was evaluated. Compliance on a regional scale was also discussed as an increasingly important trend.

Telemaque stated that he, as the PMAC’s chairman, will give a State of Industry Report to the graduating class at the university starting next year.

He emphasized the need for an academic element to build out the skillset of graduates to fill the roles in the sector as the regional landscape changes.

According to the PMAC chairman, assessment and training of ports to comply with regulations are essential.

“Overall, the meeting was successful as we looked at the new energy requirements, new International Maritime Organisation regulations, as well as new technologies and their impact on the maritime sector,” he remarked.

Telemaque also mentioned that the delegates were impressed with a display of gadgets invented by the students.


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