Editorial Staff
3 months ago

Editorial Staff
3 months ago

AUA student sent to prison for 7 days for beating girlfriend

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By Zaya Williams

Marc Wanis,a Canadian student at the American University of Antigua (AUA) found himself behind bars at His Majesty’s Prison on Tuesday due to an incident where he abused his girlfriend.

The ordeal took place on March 28. Matters escalated when Wanis, armed with a knife, proceeded to break her phone, cut her student ID, and subjected her to physical assault, including biting her face and cutting her hand.

He also forced her to drive to a place where further abuse unfolded.

 Wanis ordered her to kneel and beg for him to stop, forcibly removed her hijab and threatening her life if she attempted to retrieve it.

After instructing her to drive back to his place, the victim complied, only for the torment to persist.

An hour later, Wanis showed up at her home, continuing the assault by kicking, choking her, and even cutting her hair. The abuse extended indoors, causing damage to various items within her house.

On Monday,  Wanis, pleaded guilty to charges of battery against his 20-year-old girlfriend, who also a Canadian and a medical student.

The court also heard admissions of maliciously damaging items exceeding $3,000 in value.

Wanis was remanded for a day and then sentenced on Tuesday to seven days in jail for battery and fined nearly $5,000 for the damaged items.


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