Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Student Who Stole Vape Spared Criminal Record

​By Zaya Williams


A Magistrate had mercy upon a medical student this morning after hearing that he could have been kicked out of school if he was convicted of a crime.

The 21-year-old was in court for stealing a Vape out of Epicurean Fine Foods that cost almost $70.

On March 3, the young man went to the supermarket and placed several items in a shopping basket but put a vape into the pocket of a hoodie he was wearing.

He paid for the items in his cart but proceeded to exit the store without paying for an electronic cigarette.

He was stopped at the door and asked to empty his pockets.

Upon discovering the stolen item, a report was made to the police.

The man told the court today that he not intentionally steals the item but was not conscious of what he was doing.

His lawyer told the court that there was a threat of his expulsion if his clean criminal record was tarnished.

The Magistrate then spared him by giving him and warning and discharging him.

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  1. Anonymous National

    You are smart enough to get into Medical School, and dumb enough to shoplift. Really? I’m sure this is not your first time. Wise up!. Next time you do the crime you need to do the time. Go ahead throw you future out the window.


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