Editorial Staff
6 months ago

Editorial Staff
6 months ago

St John’s Catholic Primary has a new principal

Miss Verlyn Amina Anika Richards has been appointed Principal of the St. John’s Catholic Primary School.

The St. John’s Catholic Primary School Board is pleased to announce that Miss Verlyn Amina Anika Richards has been appointed Principal of the school.

Miss Richards has been a teacher at SJCPS for 22 years and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics Education from the University of the West Indies.

The Board is confident that Miss Richards’ extensive teaching experience and management skills make her the ideal candidate to advance the holistic development of students at SJCPS.

During her tenure, Miss Richards has taught students of all grades and has worked closely with her colleagues to produce top-performing students in the Grade Six National Assessment.

As a devout Catholic, Miss Richards believes in the teachings of Pope John Paul II, who emphasized the importance of promoting the human person in Catholic schools.

The Board expresses its gratitude to former Principal Sister Marie Voltaire for her outstanding years of service and wishes her well in her new role as a Missionary Sister – Servant of the Holy Spirit.

The Board welcomes Miss Richards to her new leadership role and pledges to work with the administration to foster greater cooperation among parents, pupils, administration, and teachers.

The Board also thanks parents and benefactors for their continued support as they work towards the holistic development of the students at SJCPS.


  1. Anonymous

    Congratulations Ms Richards!

  2. AAB

    CONGRATULATIONS to You Ms Verlyn Richards and Thank you for Pursuing and Accepting THIS Challenge to Administer the SJCPS. You have Certainly contributed Much to SJCPS over the years, and will no doubt take this School to Its Next Level of Excellence.

    Your years of experience in the Teaching Profession coupled with Your Tenure at SJCPS qualifies you for This Position!

    I have fond Memories of the years I worked with you at SJCPS. I Wish you Well; and I Will Continue to Pray for You, Your Staff Members & Students that ALL may Experience A Long and Successful Tenure of Your Principalship of Our SJCPS!

    Again CONGRATULATIONS and God’s Richest Blessings on you ALL! Peace! 🌻😇
    A. Agnes Blaize

  3. River Street

    Congratulations Miss Verlyn Richards. Your hard work is a testament to your achieievements; you deserve this. All the best. Blessings


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