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Editorial Staff

DCA Says Developer at Laurys Beach Within Rights to Fence Property

The Development Control Authority (DCA) says a local developer is within his rights to fence his land leading to a rocky coastline in the Laurys Beach area.

Members of the public have been complaining to government authorities that access to Laurys Beach has been blocked.

But in a press statement issued Wednesday, the DCA says investigations proved that the road and the lands are owned by the developer, which they did not name.

The DCA said they have also received complaints and inquiries from members of the public regarding access to the coastline for recreational purposes, by way of a road that runs through lands owned by a private developer.

The developer recently fenced his property and placed a gate across his road.

“The Development Control Authority (DCA), in investigating the matter, found that the developer is within his right to fence his land; and that the road in question does not lead to a beach, but to a rocky coastline and a jetty,” the statement said

Further investigations according to the DCA also revealed that there is a white sandy beach along the eastern side of Laurys Bay which does not have clear public access.

“Consequently, the developer has kindly offered to construct a road along the eastern boundary of his land from the main road, to provide unrestricted public access to the beach.  Construction of this road commenced over a month ago and is expected to be completed within a short period”, the DCA added.


  1. Nathalie Thomas

    Where in Antigua is Laury’s Beach?

    • Mea

      According to Google.com it is located next to Grand Pineapple Beach Club, situated nearby Willikies and Seaton. You can also check the Antigua map online for direction.

  2. Mae

    How can anyone sell lands near the public beaches without leaving out an area for the beach’s access? Or even cut a roadway to the beaches. When will Antiguans get anything right in there country? Too much-educated dunces at the head of these ministries and government departments. When the UPP government were in office they had dropped the ball where the access to the public beaches was a serious concern for years after Papa Bird died. UPP should have put strong laws in place to protect the people’s rights to access all the beaches. This high and low water marks law is crap and it doesn’t cut it. We are not in slavery to our beach access. We the people need our beaches access, and areas on the beaches to have family picnics and fun games. Also, an area to park our vehicle. As the population growing rapidly, with the Nigerian coming, we need more free-up spaces on all the beaches for family gathering.

  3. Anonymous National

    DCA needs to quote the actual section where a land owner has the right to fence off and block the public from using the beaches. I guess you have a ton of money and people are beening paid off. This guy having a title should not mean that he is above the locals and get special treatment.

  4. The Jagged Edge

    Kindly offered? The law on the books is that an access road must be created that connects the public to the beach. Now I’m not sure if it’s the government or the land owner who is supposed to provide this access but the way it is stated is like we’re getting a favour.
    Soon only the elite class with boats will be able to enjoy Antigua if the public doesn’t put their foot down.


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