Editorial Staff
7 months ago

Editorial Staff
7 months ago

Two men sentenced for quantity of drugs, firearm and ammunition

By Zaya Williams


One man is now behind bars and the other stuck with a huge fine after illegal items were found in their separate homes.

Elijah Lewis and Jamal Lewis were taken into custody on Friday after they were found in possession of a firearm, cannabis, and several rounds of ammunition.

On Friday, 21 July, the police executed search warrants on two separate properties at Cashew Hill, and during the search of Elijah’s home they found 902 grams of cannabis worth $9020 and one bullet.

In Jamal’s house they found four 12 Guage cartridges, twelve .38 rounds of ammunition, and 675 grams of weed valued at $6750.

All the items were seized and taken to the police station and upon investigating the matter further the men were charged and brought to court.

Earlier today, the men pleaded guilty to the charges and were immediately sentenced.

Elijah was ordered to pay $20,000 for the weed and $1500 for the bullet.

Meanwhile, Jamal got a more serious sentence of 10 months imprisonment.

He was fined $13500 for the drugs, and given 10 months for both the gun and ammunition but since the sentences were made to run concurrently, he will only have to serve 10 months in prison.


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