Editorial Staff
7 months ago

Editorial Staff
7 months ago

Bodycam Legislation coming soon

Information Minister Melford Nicholas says police officers may soon use body cameras to record their interactions with the public.

Currently, video evidence from body cameras cannot be used in criminal proceedings due to existing legislation.

However, the government recognizes the benefits of this technology and is working on making necessary adjustments to the law.

The matter has been referred to the Attorney General’s chambers where legal draft personnel will prepare documentation for an amendment to the Criminal Proceedings Act.

The minister anticipates that changes will be made to the legislation in the near future.

Additionally, a benefactor has already donated body cams to the government.

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  1. The blessed

    This is a great idea to allow the officers to us body camera.This will give some accountability for their Wicked actions being committed on the citizens of Antigua on a daily basis.


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