Editorial Staff
6 months ago

Editorial Staff
6 months ago

Pending Legislation Targets Media Houses Accused of Defamation

By Abigayle McIntosh


The government is currently considering the enactment of legislation aimed at imposing penalties on media organizations that are perceived to be tarnishing the reputation of individuals within the public.

Information Minister Melford Nicholas has expressed the government’s awareness of the situation involving unregistered media outlets and its intent to address this matter accordingly.

“Oftentimes we do not know who the publisher is, we do not know the editors, and oftentimes these so-called news agencies will facilitate blogs and, in these blogs, persons are allowed to vilify and slander and defame other persons.

He was speaking on Tuesday at the Caribbean Broadcasting Union (CBU) 54th annual General Meeting that was held at the Royalton Resort.

He further outlined that some unpopular decisions will be made to follow in their favor.

“Even though we may enact legislation to say that Wadadli Newsroom should publish its Editor and Director recourse do we have what recourse we have to enforce it”.

He later added that technology-wise it can be done but this may involve blocking the IP address and it will also introduce something media people do not like which is censorship.

“There has to be a wide-ranging conversation that we are going to have in contemplation of the bill, he said.

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