Editorial Staff
7 months ago

Editorial Staff
7 months ago

Public Works staff to work as school security officers as Gov’t struggles to cut costs

The government owes a private security firm EC$1 million, which is causing concern about the allocation of the monthly operating budget.

To manage costs, trained Public Works personnel will now be deployed to provide security at schools and other public buildings.

Monitored cameras will also be installed for added protection.

The Ministry of Legal Affairs has confirmed the legitimacy of the bill.

Information Minister Melford Nicholas says a significant portion of the monthly operating budget for the government is allocated to paying for security and most of these security contracts are outsourced.

“It does have the effect of accruing significant liabilities for the government, so … we are looking at managing these costs downwards and one of the ways we are contemplating it is whether or not we can deploy more personnel from the Public Works department,” Nicholas said.

In the past, several break-ins have occurred at school compounds, and an incident at Clare Hall Secondary School has raised security concerns.

Parents and teachers have requested improved safety measures.

According to Cabinet notes, there have been talks with a private security company to arrange for security personnel to be present when schools resume after the summer holidays.

However, it is not yet confirmed whether the company will be involved.

In September of last year, Wilbur Purcell, the head of Special Security Services, met with Cabinet officials to discuss the arrears owed to his company.

This meeting also addressed the need for security personnel to be present when schools reopened after the summer break.


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