Editorial Staff
6 months ago

Editorial Staff
6 months ago

Governor General impersonation scams resurface, causing financial losses among residents.

Governor General Sir Rodney Williams

Governor General hoaxes have resurfaced, causing residents to fall victim to fraudulent schemes and significant financial losses.

Anne Jonas, Private Secretary to His Excellency, shed light on the situation, explaining that individuals have established Facebook pages in the Governor General’s name, enticing people to make payments with the promise of substantial returns that are never delivered.

“Some indicate that they have been approached about a UN type of funding that His Excellency is providing, and they are then asked to send funds to facilitate the transfer of a larger amount to their account,” she elaborated.

Jonas revealed that, regrettably, three or four individuals have reported sending funds, with some exceeding amounts of over US $1000. She emphasized the importance of vigilance and cautioned against sending money online without verifying the sender’s authenticity.

Furthermore, Jonas clarified that the Governor General does not maintain a personal page. Instead, an official page titled ‘Governor General of Antigua and Barbuda’ does not solicit or promise funding.

Jonas urged residents to promptly report any pages pretending to represent the Governor and soliciting money.

This is not the first time the Governor General has been targeted, as similar false accounts emerged earlier this year.

Jonas encouraged residents to verify any requests for money with the Office of the Governor General before transferring funds. The office can be reached at 462-0004.

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  1. Benjamin

    Sounds like the Nigerians found another easy target in Antigua and Barbuda.
    Why would anyone fall for a con like that “paying someone or company to send them a larger amount?”
    Sorry, but those of you who are stupid enough buy into it deserved it.
    Like I said, Nigerians and Donald J Trump would cook up a con like that.


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