Editorial Staff
5 months ago

Editorial Staff
5 months ago

Sons of Solomon club donation to Mary E. Pigott Primary School

The Mary E. Pigott Primary School recently received a donation of fifteen standing fans from the Sons of Solomon Club.

The club’s President, Joel Rayne, explained that ensuring the classrooms are properly ventilated is a way to create a safe and healthy environment for the children as they start a new school year.

The club has a history of charitable donations, having previously provided food vouchers to needy families during Christmas and partnered with other institutions such as churches. However, this was their first public donation.

Rayne clarified that the reason for the public donation was not to boast but to make the general public aware of their existence and work.

Principal Christopher Roberts expressed his gratitude to the members of Sons of Solomon for their generous donation.

He acknowledged that the heat has been unbearable in the past few weeks, making it difficult for both teachers and students.

The fans will improve classroom learning conditions and will be well-received by everyone at the school.


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