Editorial Staff
5 months ago

Editorial Staff
5 months ago

Two centenarians have passed away within days

Veda Joseph, a centenarian from Antigua and Barbuda, has passed away at the age of 104.

She was fondly called Comrade Joseph and was a St. Paul’s constituency resident. The news of her passing moved MP E.P Chet Greene, who received it upon his return from New York.

Greene expressed his sadness on social media, stating that he was informed of the sad news while his flight home from the United Nations was still in the air. He inquired,

“Why me/us?” before gathering the courage to bid farewell and give thanks simultaneously. He acknowledged the remarkable life of love and service that Comrade Veda Joseph lived and thanked God for allowing her to grace the community with her presence for 104 years”, he wrote.

He extended his condolences and prayers to the deceased’s family, friends, and loved ones on behalf of the entire community, who will grieve while also celebrating a well-lived life.

Only a few days before this, another centenarian, Ethel Charles, also passed away at 104.

Greene also expressed his grief over this loss, stating that she meant so much to the community and would forever live in their hearts. Ethel Charles was fondly called “Mother” by the community, and Greene expressed his gratitude for her love, lessons, advice, and support.


  1. Anonymous

    My Condolences too the Families of the too Centenarians .Especially too the Family of miss Veda .Soo sorry Janice 😞😞😭😭


    What a wonderful lifespan! Both surpassed 104 years…decades more than the average life-expectancy around 79 to 80 years.


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