Editorial Staff
5 months ago

Editorial Staff
5 months ago

Transgender social media personality prepares to challenge court case

Washinton Bramble (Social media photo)

By Zaya Williams


Washington Bramble, a well-known transgender social media personality, is gearing up for a legal battle, determined to have a case before the High Court dismissed.

Bramble made her inaugural appearance in the High Court today, facing accusations of insulting Chief Health Inspector Sharon Martin.

Upon entering the dock and receiving her case file, Bramble promptly informed Justice Ann Marie Smith of her intention to represent herself and to file various applications, including a request for the case’s dismissal.

However, her enthusiasm was met with a request to return on October 30, allowing her ample time to review the evidence within the case file, prepare her submissions, and be ready for arraignment.

The charges against Bramble stem from alleged actions on February 8th and 9th of this year when she purportedly uploaded a video and made derogatory posts about Chief Health Inspector Martin on Facebook.

The initial post reportedly followed a visit by health inspectors to Bramble’s residence in response to a neighbour’s complaint to the Central Board of Health, alleging that Bramble had deposited waste material on their property.

The following day, Bramble is said to have posted another message aimed at the Chief Health Inspector.


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