Editorial Staff
5 months ago

Editorial Staff
5 months ago

Final farewell to Constable Robert Dyer Jr

The funeral service of Constable Robert Benjamin Dyer Jr was held at the Swetes Wesleyan Holiness Church (Photos by OBSERVER’s Charminae George)


People gathered at the Swetes Wesleyan Holiness Church to pay their respects to Constable Robert Benjamin Dyer Jr, who died at 39 in a traffic collision on September 4th.

His funeral, initially scheduled for October 3rd, was postponed to October 10th due to Tropical Storm Philippe.

During the eulogy, his wife Monya Roberts-Dyer spoke about Robert’s love for music and his willingness to help anyone in need.

‘Aunt Ingrid’, as referred to by family members, was the other presenter of the eulogy. She spoke of Constable Dyer’s immense faith in God and the motherly love she had for him.

Jahkiba Dyer, the younger sister of the deceased police officer, summed up how many described the husband and father-of-three. “My brother was many things…hero, strength, backbone, pillar, foundation, go-to person,” she said.

High-ranking officials from the police force, including the Governor General, Sir Rodney Williams, paid homage to Constable Dyer, who served for 10 years in the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda.

The police choir sang, and the police band played both a melancholic and joyous song to celebrate his life. Constable Tiffini Ramsey read Dyer’s history in the force, and his younger sister shared details about his family.

The interment took place at Grant’s Cemetery in Willikies.


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