Editorial Staff
5 months ago

Editorial Staff
5 months ago

Woman Charged with Death by Dangerous Driving; Attorney Vows to Fight the Case

Dayneri Ferrer Vincent-Urlwin

Wendel Robinson, the attorney representing the woman charged with death by dangerous driving, has told local media that he intends to fight “tooth and nail” to ensure his client is acquitted

Dayneri Ferrer Vincent-Urlwin was charged on Wednesday with causing death by dangerous driving following the collision that killed Police Constable Robert Dyer on September 4

When she appeared before the Magistrates Court this morning, she was granted bail for $50,000 with an $ 8,000 cash component.

She was also told to surrender all her travel documents and report to the police station three times a week

While expressing sympathy over the death of Dyer jr, Robinson said the officer was reportedly riding at speed when the accident occurred

He also claimed that the police moved with much haste to charge his client without properly investigating the matter

Robinson said it is also suspicious that his client would have been charged one day after the officer’s burial.

Vincent-Urlwin was driving the vehicle that collided with the officer’s motorcycle, which claimed his life

Her next court appearance is scheduled for January next year.


  1. King

    It was an ACCIDENT!!! LET THE WOMAN GO!!!

  2. Teacher for Life.

    While it was unfortunate that the officer lost his life, messing up this lady’s life, over what clearly was an accident, will not bring him back. I know the family wants closure but this is the wrong way to go about achieving that.


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