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Editorial Staff

UPP offers $10k reward for criminal evidence in SMS by-election

The United Progressive Party (UPP) is calling on citizens to report any evidence of criminal activities being carried out by operatives of the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party ahead of the By-elections in St Mary’s South.

In a statement released by the UPP candidate, Kevin “Shugy” Simon, he expressed his concern over reports of residents being offered cash in exchange for their voter identification cards.

The party said this activity clearly violates the Representation of the People Act and is considered a criminal offense.

The UPP is offering a reward of ten thousand dollars to anyone who can provide evidence of such criminal activities.

The UPP said it committed to ensuring that the people’s right to choose their preferred candidate is not undermined through bribery, inducement, or threats.

They said fair elections are a cornerstone of democracy, and the party will not tolerate any criminal activity that threatens this fundamental principle.

They are asking anyone with credible evidence of electoral offenses, to contact Mr. Simon, a member of the UPP Leadership, or the UPP Secretariat at 462-1818


  1. Anonymous

    Are these people serious with their fake stories?

    • Mae

      This is not fake stories. It seems that you are one who is in support of the bribery, voter ID for money. “They not going to come to my house because me and my household are ready for them.”

  2. Anonymous

    I thought this liar claims he is going to win easily. Dem can bamboozle dem blind followers.


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