Editorial Staff
4 months ago

Editorial Staff
4 months ago

300 people sought refuge in twenty-two shelters in Antigua and Barbuda

The aftermath of Hurricane Tammy on Antigua and the sister-isle Barbuda has left the National Office of Disaster Services (NODS) reporting only minor damage to properties and some flooding.

Despite the hurricane warning issued for both islands, no injuries have been reported so far.

Barbuda, however, experienced more severe category one hurricane conditions during the storm’s passage overnight, leading to seven people being moved to shelters.

About people sought refuge in twenty-two shelters across both Antigua and Barbuda.

While most individuals have since returned home, district disaster coordinators, officers from the police and defense forces, the fire department, and personnel of the search and rescue teams remain on standby.

This is a precautionary measure as the National Emergency Operations Center and the Met Office continue to monitor rain conditions.

Although the Flash Flood Warning has been lifted, NODS urges residents to remain vigilant and take necessary safety precautions until the all-clear is given.

Downed power lines and trees were reported, and the authorities have begun their checks throughout their respective districts.

The situation is being closely monitored, and the safety of the residents remains a top priority.


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