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4 months ago

Editorial Staff
4 months ago

Jael Joseph seeks to unite Caribbean people through media

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Jael Joseph

Jael Joseph’s passion for media is centered around promoting integration in the Caribbean.

Her Jael Joseph LIVE interview series is designed to unite viewers from the Caribbean and the Caribbean Diaspora, allowing them to connect with guests from different territories in the region.

The aim is to create a shared experience among Caribbean people, according to Joseph. She has already interviewed guests from several Caribbean islands, including her home country of Dominica, as well as St Lucia, Grenada, Antigua and Barbuda, Trinidad and Tobago, and Guadeloupe.

Joseph’s ability to bridge cultural gaps and connect with guests comes from her personal experiences as both an islander and a migrant to Canada.

As an immigrant, Joseph has faced the challenges of assimilating into Canadian society while building strong bonds with other Caribbean individuals who share similar experiences.

Jael Joseph is a talented journalist who has a passion for media. She was inspired to pursue her dream after surviving Hurricane Maria in 2017, while in Dominica.

In 2018, Jael decided to study Journalism to further support the work she had already been doing in the field.

She excelled academically, earning both a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and a Master’s degree in Media Production from Toronto Metropolitan University in just over four years. During her studies, she was awarded The Faulhaber Communications Award and The Johnny Lombadi Award for Creative Endowment, which she used to fund her website, blackislandgirl.com, and her documentary “Territory.”

Jael is a talented host, event curator, and marketer. She has become a seasoned interviewer, delivering captivating stories, entertainment, and knowledge to her listeners.

Her interviews have attracted significant viewership on the four platforms she broadcasts. For instance, her interview with the controversial Bouyon artist, Sukie Burn Brain, amassed 25k views, with 1,000 people tuning in live.

Similarly, her interview with Soca artists and couple Patrice Roberts and Ricardo Drue garnered 400 live viewers and 15k views on YouTube.

Jael Joseph LIVE offers a diverse range of exclusive interview formats, including monthly “Exclusive” interviews with Caribbean celebrities, entrepreneurs, and influencers.

Her “Run Di Track and Talk” segment is particularly engaging, as she interviews artists while playing their popular tracks, sparking interesting conversations. Jael also hosts “2 $ense,” a lively discussion of current issues featuring perspectives from co-hosts Trinidad’s Ricqcolia Phillips and Dominica’s Stellina Blu.


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