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Editorial Staff

Antigua State College and St.Joseph’s Academy cop final two spots in cooking competition

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By Zaya Williams


The Antigua State College (ASC) and St. Joseph’s Academy emerged victorious in rounds 3 and 4 of the Taste of Wadadli Junior Chef Cook-Off Competition’s last preliminary phase, securing their places in the upcoming finals.


The morning saw ASC outclassing the competition, which included the Antigua and Barbuda Hospitality Training Institute (ABHTA), Clarehall Secondary School, Jennings Secondary School, and Ottos Comprehensive School, with their delectable pepperpot dish. ABHTA put up a commendable fight, claiming the second spot.


Later in the day, Christ the King High School, the Antigua Girls High School, Irene B. Williams School, and St. Joseph’s Academy battled it out, with Irene B. Williams School narrowly missing the top spot to the all-boys school.



The finalists from today’s preliminary rounds will face off against the Seventh Day Adventist School and the Sir McChesney George High School, who secured their spots after successful rounds on Friday.

The Seventh Day Adventist School faced strong competitors in the form of the All Saints Secondary School, Princess Margaret School, Pares Secondary School, and the Antigua Grammar School.

Meanwhile, the Sir McChesney George High School clinched victory against Glanvilles Secondary, St. Mary’s Secondary, and the Sir Novelle Richards Academy.

The stage is set for the grand finale on December 4, where the winning school will receive a prize of EC$10,000 to enhance their Home Economics facilities. Additionally, the top student will earn the prestigious opportunity to represent Team Antigua and Barbuda at the Taste of the Caribbean event in Miami in 2024.


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