Editorial Staff
4 months ago

Editorial Staff
4 months ago

Silver Airlines to offer giveaways and promotions for inaugural flight to VCBIA.

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Travelers from Antigua and Barbuda are about to experience a newfound sense of adventure as Silver Airlines makes its inaugural flight into the destination from Puerto Rico on Thursday.

The excitement is palpable, with travelers being enticed with various giveaways and other promotions.

The Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority is pulling out all the stops to ensure the success of the service and has launched a thrilling campaign promoting the airline and its service into Antigua from Puerto Rico with connections to the US mainland and other Caribbean destinations to the north.

Maria Blackman, Marketing Manager of the ABTA, has announced that travelers booking flights using a special promotional code will automatically get a ten percent discount on their tickets for a limited time.

But that’s not all – the ABTA has teamed up with Epicurean Supermarket to offer an incredible raffle for a free trip to lucky shoppers spending more than $200.00! The winner of this fantastic trip will even be able to purchase a second ticket at a much-reduced price.

Blackman has confirmed that the price for tickets to Puerto Rico from VCBIA is a mere US$99 one-way. Silver Airlines will operate four flights weekly – Sundays, Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays – departing Antigua after 8:00 am and arriving just after 6:00 pm.

With airlift into the destination having been an issue, Silver Airlines with its connectivity to the US mainland will serve as a low-cost alternative for persons seeking to travel to the US via Puerto Rico or who just want to visit Puerto Rico, once a very popular shopping destination for Antiguans and Barbudans.

Exciting times are ahead, and the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority wants you to be a part of it!

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  1. Steven C. Mayers.

    At last. Antiguans in St. Croix will finally be able to fly to Antigua again.


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