Editorial Staff
3 months ago

Editorial Staff
3 months ago

All Saints resident accused of stealing 31 stoves

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By Zaya Williams

An individual from All Saints is reportedly the perpetrator behind the theft of 31 stoves from a storage facility.

The alleged incident occurred on October 7, causing a loss to the Gold Star Store situated on Long Street and Corn Alley.

The owner of the Gold Star Store reportedly secured his Fort Road storage facility and left on the said day.

Upon returning the next day, a shocking discovery was made – 31 stoves, along with car rims and car speakers, collectively valued at just over $64,000, were missing.

Upon launching an investigation, the police traced their inquiries to the  home of Wayne Tavernier, where they purportedly uncovered one of the stolen stoves.

Tavernier allegedly informed the authorities that he had received the stove from an individual named Brodah Wan Lovv.

Over a month later, Brodah Wan Lovv was taken into custody and charged with larceny in connection to the stolen stoves.

Tavernier, on the other hand, faces charges of receiving a stove valued at $3,000.

Presently, Tavernier is out on bail, while his co-accused, Brodah Wan Lovv, finds himself behind bars after being remanded by Acting Chief Magistrate Dexter Wason.


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