Millions of cash recovered: Five men in custody

Millions of cash stolen from a local businessman have been reportedly recovered by police in Guyana.  Three days ago the cash was stolen during a break-and-enter and larceny at the man’s home in West Bank Demerara, Guyana.

According to reports, $10.2 million in cash and a quantity of gold jewelry valued at $680,000 and $2.8M and a quantity of gold jewelry valued at $980,000 property of his wife were stolen during the robbery. 

Reports from Guyana media said three days ago, the businessman’s wife reportedly left the house secured to visit the doctor with her son. Reports are that she returned home and discovered the top half of her back door was wrenched off. Further checks in the home revealed that her bedroom alone was ransacked and items were missing from a bag in a wardrobe and jewelry from the vanity.  

And on October 21, further investigations were carried out in respect of the said break-and-enter and larceny, and the two main suspects — a 20-year-old barber and a 45-year-old farmer, of Coldingen, East Coast Demerara were arrested and interviewed. 

The suspects according to the reports took police to their Coldingen residence. One of the suspects pointed out two areas in his yard where he dug up and handed over to the Police $1,160,000, and $1,495,000 respectively, and a quantity of gold jewelry. 

The suspect’s mother, a cleaner who also resides at Coldingen, E.C.D handed over $1,225,000. 

The other suspect took the Police to an area on his farm where he dug and nothing was found. However, his wife — a 47-year-old vendor, handed over $1,495,000 and a quantity of gold jewelry; and her adopted brother, a 38-year-old of Non-Pariel, ECD handed over $1,660,000, which they all claimed were given to them. 


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