Editorial Staff
3 months ago

Editorial Staff
3 months ago

On Cloud Nine: Dan Kelly Takes 7th Spot in Regional CCLSC Exams

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Kellee Richards, also known as Dan Kelly, is on cloud nine! He just found out that he placed 7th in the entire Caribbean region in the Social Studies category of the Caribbean Certificate Secondary Level Competence Program (CCLSC). This news has left him overjoyed and he can hardly believe it!

Kellee admits that the paper was very tough and at times, he doubted his own capabilities even to pass the test. But he decided to give it his best shot, and boy did it pay off! He’s ecstatic to have secured such a high place in the region.

He is known for his love of the streets, but he also takes pride in his schoolwork. Social Studies has always been his favorite subject and he credits his success to his fast-learning abilities and his determination to give everything his best shot.

When asked about his teacher, Dan can’t help but smile. He jokes that she loves him and is one of his favorite teachers because she never gives him any attitude. He’s also quick to correct anyone who thinks he’s autistic; he’s just a fast learner who’s always up for a challenge.

Kellee said received a phone call from his teacher informing him of his achievement and he admits that he never slept the whole night after hearing the news. He’s thrilled to have done so well and is excited to see what other accomplishments await him in the future.

Kellee’s teacher, Andrea Wynter, has revolutionized the way she teaches by incorporating videos, audio, and games.

Andrea was over the moon when she heard the news and exclaimed, “It’s amazing to witness the power of learning! Every child is capable of learning, and Kelly is a shining example of that.”

The Sir Novelle Richards Academy, where Kellee attends, is truly paving the way for a more engaging and fruitful learning experience.

Ivan Blanchard, an autistic student also placed 10th in the region. He hails from the same school


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