Editorial Staff
3 months ago

Editorial Staff
3 months ago

Energy Ministry promotes alternative energy vehicles at drag race event

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Last Saturday, the Ministry of Energy of Antigua and Barbuda displayed four electric vehicles at the Antigua and Barbuda Drag Racing Association’s event.

The event was organized to educate the public on alternative energy sources and to promote the use of electric vehicles.

The exhibition offered race enthusiasts a chance to view the electric cars up close and ask questions about their operations and other relevant information.

Dwight Laviscount, the Energy Officer in the Ministry of Energy, revealed that the ministry has been working in conjunction with the Department of the Environment to promote the use of electric vehicles in the country.

 As part of the CARICOM Energy Month celebration, the ministry partnered with the drag racing association to display electric vehicles at their event.

The theme for this year’s CARICOM Energy Month is ‘accelerating innovation, driving electrification.’ Laviscount stated that the partnership has enabled them to attract more people to look at the electric cars than they otherwise would have.

The exposition of the electric vehicles within the drag race event was the only activity for Energy Month this year, but the ‘Power Walk’ event held in previous years will likely return next year.

Mega Power, a company from Barbuda, is the local supplier of electric vehicles, with a branch in St. John’s.


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