Editorial Staff
3 months ago

Editorial Staff
3 months ago

UPDATE: Mother and Child Dies Following Accident at Devil’s Bridge.

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A father is left in sorrow this morning after witnessing the death of his wife and child at Devil’s Bridge.

The woman, her five-year-old son, and her husband were visiting from Canada. They stayed at an Airbnb.

The husband who has not yet been named said they had come to witness the sunrise at Devils Bridge, when a wave got a bit too close to his son who was standing at the water’s edge, causing him to freak out.

The child held onto his mother’s legs, and they both fell over the bridge.

The man is currently receiving counselling

Tourism Minister Charles Max Fernandez told Antigua. News that plans are underway to get the man returned to Canada today as he wished

He also expressed shock and grief over the incident.

“Life is precious. This is a tragic loss. It is affecting me personally as a father myself,” he said


  1. Anonymous

    A wave got a bit too close or they got to close and where was the father when all this was happening?

  2. Mae

    Max Fernandez wants to fly the father back to Canada today if he wishes, too. Yes, the father is hurting and he is the only witness of what happened. He needs to stay here to answer questions to our law and order team.


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