Editorial Staff
3 months ago

Editorial Staff
3 months ago

WATCH: Tourism Minister Comforts Father who Lost Wife and Son at Devils Bridge

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Tourism Minister Charles Fernadez could not hold back the tears on Thursday morning as he wrapped his arms around the Canadian national who lost his wife and son to a tragic accident at Devils Bridge

Fernandez rushed to the scene when he heard what had happened

He extended his condolences to the father of the family also expressing deep sadness at the loss and assured the public that efforts are underway to enhance safety at the attraction.

Fernandez also assured that the Ministry of Tourism, which he heads, will look at ways to make the area safer for all.

Police are launching a high-level investigation into the deaths of the 37-year-old Canadian citizen and her 5-year-old son

Law enforcers aim to determine what led to the accident

The family was expected to have returned to Canada today but police have since said that the man will likely be required to remain in Antigua to provide further assistance in their investigations.


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