Editorial Staff
1 month ago

Editorial Staff
1 month ago

No Foul Play Detected in Death of Mother and Son at Devils Bridge

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Police Commissioner Atlee Rodney has said that the accident that occurred at the Devils Bridge, where a five-year-old and his mother died, was an accident.

Rodney said after investigation which included eyewitness accounts, the deaths of 37-year-old Mohini Misra and her son Shray have been ruled as an accident.

At the time of the incident, the woman, her son, and her husband, Satwik Misra, were at the Devil’s Bridge.

They had come just hours before returning to Canada to take photos of the sunset.

According to reports, a wave struck the boy, who grabbed onto his mother. They both fell into the water.

The father and husband, Satwik Misra, could not save them.

He tried, according to his account to the police, but somehow lost grip. He dove into the water to rescue his wife and son but was unsuccessful.

Mohini and Shray Misra’s bodies were repatriated to their family’s birthplace in India.

The family of three who were staying at an Air BnB in Seatons had arrived in Antigua on November 23

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  1. Jezz

    As if you guys could find a cup on a saucer!!!! That’s why people get away with murder in this country! You guys are inept!! Color me surprised that you reached this conclusion — not!🙄


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