Editorial Staff
3 months ago

Editorial Staff
3 months ago

Suspects remanded in connection with Cedar Valley Gardens robbery

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By Zaya Williams

Two men are now on remand after finding themselves implicated in a robbery in Cedar Valley Gardens.

Kranus Alphonse, 24, and Jahvandy Weekes, 18, are accused of a November 29 incident where they allegedly held a woman at gunpoint and made off with $700 in cash, two 6-packs of Heineken beer, totaling $55.20, a Samsung cell phone valued at $1800, two other phones valued at $550, and a wallet containing $100.

The duo appeared before the All Saints Magistrate’s court on Monday and has been remanded until their committal hearing scheduled for February 7. Adding to the gravity of the situation, Alphonse is facing further charges related to the assault of a Scotts Hill businessman.

The incident, which occurred on November 23, involved three masked gunmen who attacked and robbed the victim. Alphonse, robbed the man of his silver Honda Stepwagn valued at $10,000, is also accused of taking $800 in cash and a black Samsung Galaxy mobile phone valued at $600.

The alleged offenses unfolded on Old Parham Road, with reports indicating that during the robbery, Alphonse struck the businessman in the back of the head and left side of his face, using what is believed to be a firearm.

In an extended list of charges, Alphonse is accused of battery for beating the man, as well as malicious damage for reportedly causing damage to the victim’s Honda Stepwagon between November 23 and November 29 when the vehicle was recovered at Cooks Hill.

According to reports, the complaint secured his business place, and was ambushed by three gunmen while walking towards his vehicle in front of his restaurant.

They reportedly forced him into the back seat of his vehicle, subsequently driving him to Shell Beach, where they abandoned him after seizing his phone and money.

The man is said to have resisted their demand to take them to his house, citing concern for his young child, which allegedly led to threats on his life.

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  1. Mae-Mary

    Earthly, Fathers, your sons are turning to violence and crimes. Where have you gone wrong in being a positive role model to your sons? Mothers can only do so much, but sons need their fathers. Yes, a child has a mind of its own and their own choices. Once they are moulded right, they will not stray too far from their brought-up. Satan is using the young people, especially the young men, to do his will on earth, destruction. Fathers do their job and take responsibility for your child, not just a sperm donor and financial support. Your sons need a hug, love and father time.


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