Editorial Staff
3 months ago

Editorial Staff
3 months ago

Americans Charged for Killing Resort Owners in Dominica

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Jonathan Scott Lehrer and Robert Snider Jr. have been remanded at the Dominica State Prison

Two Americans have been charged for killing a businessman and his wife in Dominica

Jonathan Scott Lehrer and Robert Snider Jr. have been remanded at the Dominica State Prison. They could not enter a plea when they appeared before the courts this week.

It is alleged that between November 29, 2023, and December 2, 2023, at Bois Cotlette in Soufriere, Lehrer and Snider Jr murdered Eco-Resort owners Daniel Langlois and his wife Dominique Marchand.

The two Americans, who hold Dominican citizenship, allegedly killed the resort owner, whose bodies were burnt afterward

On December 1, police in Dominica discovered the charred remains of the two individuals in a vehicle in Soufriere, believed to be those of French Canadians Langlois and Marchand, who were reported missing.

Because of the extreme fire conditions, their bodies could not be identified, forcing the investigating team to rely on circumstantial evidence, linking them to the missing couple.

The police said the burnt vehicle discovered also aligns with the description of the couple’s car

During the initial stages of the investigation, Lehrer, his wife, Snider, and a Dominican man were arrested, however, after the inquiry, only Lehrer and Snider Jr. were charged.

According to reports, Langlois and Lehrer found themselves embroiled in a heated dispute about using the Morne Rouge Public Road, a passage that cuts through the chocolatier’s estate.

The dispute originated from Lehrer, the owner of Bois Cotlette Inc, who allegedly obstructed the road by placing boulders, digging a trench, and deploying equipment, impeding Langlois’ access to their property.




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