Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Editorial Staff
2 months ago

WATCH: Brownies Bakery robbed by masked men

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Masked men targeted one of the country’s popular bakeries, Brownies Bakery, making off with an undisclosed sum of money on the night of V.C Bird Day.

The incident occurred around 11 pm at the bakery’s St. John’s Street location.

Surveillance footage captured two robbers dressed in hoodies and ski masks, armed with guns, as they forcefully entered the bakery through the main door.

One assailant pointed their weapon at employees, while the other seized the cash register before they both swiftly fled the scene.

In an unrelated incident earlier that morning, a group of young boys reportedly entered a man’s Golden Grove property on donkeys, allegedly making off with six fighting chickens valued at $2000, a power saw worth $1200, and a drill valued at $2900.

The homeowner reportedly witnessed the boys leaping over his fence and snatching the items.

According to reports, the man managed to grab hold of one of the boys, but was bitten and forced to release his grasp.

Law enforcement is actively investigating both incidents to apprehend the perpetrators.


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