Editorial Staff
3 months ago

Editorial Staff
3 months ago

Antigua & Barbuda gets $12.6M loan for healthcare progress.

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Antigua and Barbuda’s Prime Minister, Gaston Browne, has made a major announcement with regards to the nation’s healthcare sector.

The Prime Minister has revealed that the country has secured a $12.6 million loan from the Inter-American Development Bank to strengthen its healthcare infrastructure, particularly at the Dialysis and Renal Centre and to establish a Cardiac Centre at the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre.

This funding will play a crucial role in ensuring that critical healthcare facilities are reinforced and modernized and that the country can provide better access to healthcare services to its citizens.

The Prime Minister has also stressed the government’s commitment to prioritizing the reopening of the Cancer Centre, which was recently acquired by the government.

To ensure that the Cancer Centre is efficiently operated and accessible to all, the government intends to collaborate with the private sector.

The Prime Minister has emphasized that the government’s approach to healthcare is holistic, focusing on both treatment and preventive measures.

In his statement, Browne commended the efforts of the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre and the Medical Benefits Scheme in promoting healthy lifestyles among the citizens of the country.

He also highlighted the importance of knowledge in healthcare and encouraged private sector investments in the sector, pointing to Sir Joseph John’s Doctors’ Hospital as an example.

The Prime Minister’s broader vision is to position Antigua and Barbuda as a hub for medical tourism, which will contribute to economic growth and the overall well-being of citizens.

With the modernization and expansion of healthcare facilities, the country is well-positioned to attract medical tourists seeking quality healthcare services in the region.

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  1. Mae-Mary

    When the ABLP won the government in 2014, one of the ministers said that Antigua and Barbuda was on the verge of collapse. Then, a few months into the new government, the minister said that Medical Benefits didn’t need the $30 million surplus, so it was removed and spent somewhere else other than health. Say that to say this, if the surplus was managed properly and included the country’s finances, we would not be borrowing money now to maintain our only hospital.


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