Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Young man and woman found with firearm and ammo…But man takes the rap.

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Not the actual gun

By Zaya Williams


Wayne Knowles (25 years old) and Juanita Barber (18 years old), residents of Donovans, faced charges for the possession of an unlicensed firearm and eight rounds of ammunition in court this morning.

The duo’s residence was subjected to a Christmas Eve search by officers executing a warrant at approximately 7:30 am.

During the operation, a 9mm Ruger E9Cs pistol was discovered under the floorboard in a northern bedroom, and a magazine containing seven rounds in another part of the room.

Additionally, a single bullet was found in a cabinet.

The resulting charges included possession of the firearm, possession of seven 9mm rounds, and possession of the extra bullet.

During the legal proceedings, Knowles pleaded guilty to all charges, while his partner denied the allegations.

The prosecution accepted the pleas, offering no further evidence against the female.

However, Knowles had to be penalized for the crimes.

He was fined  $8000 for the weapon, $3000 for the magazine of rounds but was reprimanded and discharged for the single bullet found elsewhere.

Through his attorney Damien Benjamin, Knowles expressed his ability to pay $3000 forthwith.

 He was given until the end of January to settle the remaining debt or face a six-month prison term.

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  1. Accountability

    Isn’t there a law that it’s 2 year in jail for possession of firearm and ammunition forthwith????


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