Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Renaldo Seaton to Pay Over EC$500,000 in Damages to EMTs Daawuud and Ellis for 2020 accident

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A man has been ordered to pay emergency medical technicians (EMT) Amir Daawuud and Joel Ellis more than EC$500,000 in damages as a result of a 2020 collision which saw both men receive spinal injuries.

On July 15 that year, Ellis and Daawuud were driving an ambulance from the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre when Renaldo Seaton, driving a car belonging to Juann Cornelius, veered into the emergency services lane to overtake a line of cars and collided with the ambulance.

As a result, both EMTs had to be admitted to the hospital’s emergency room.

According to the doctor who assessed the two men, Daawuud, then 24, showed “classical signs” of a “prolapsed lumbar intervertebral disc” and needed further surgery to prevent a permanent disability.

Daawuud testified that the injuries caused him to be unable to sit for long periods and affected the way he works, including when having to perform CPR on patients, telling the court that he would have to sit and try to tend to patients while in the ambulance.

Ellis’ injuries, according to the doctor, caused issues to his lower back with Ellis testifying that they had made it difficult for him to breathe properly, and he found it challenging to move around, lift certain objects and care for himself, including taking a bath.

While Daawuud remained employed as an EMT, Ellis was forced to retire as he was no longer able to drive the ambulance effectively.

Ellis was also unable to continue driving off-road buggies which he did as a side business due to the strain the rough roads and terrain caused to his back.

Seaton and Cornelius entered into mediation with the two EMTs and it was agreed that the claim be dropped against Cornelius with Seaton accepting liability for causing the accident.

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  1. Tanya

    Happy they got justice but what happened to Andrea Hughes and her 9 children????

    People are killed on Antigua’s roads each year and when you hear the court only award their grieving families $10,000 for their death.. young, educated, ambitious people killed and get enough barely to cover funeral cost. Make it make sense please because the disparity is ALARMING!!!


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