Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Wallings Nature Reserve to release fourth children’s activity book

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Refica Attwood, the Executive Director of Wallings Nature Reserve Inc

Refica Attwood, the Executive Director of Wallings Nature Reserve Inc, has announced that the fourth installment in the series of activity books is set to be published in late 2024.

The previous book, released in June, has been approved as a resource guide for primary schools by the Ministry of Education.

Unlike the previous books, which focused solely on the environment, the upcoming publication will also include aspects of Antigua and Barbuda’s history.

According to Attwood, the book will touch upon topics such as election years, parishes, villages, the sugar industry, and the sugar mills.

A specific chapter will be dedicated to Barbuda, making the book a comprehensive source of information.

Attwood, who is also the author of the book, shared that she was inspired by the need to make a variety of information easily accessible in one place.

She explained that often, when children need help with their homework, there is no single book that covers all the necessary information.

Therefore, she decided to create a book that focuses on certain topics or areas, making it easier for children to find the information they need.

The first book in the series was published on Amazon in May 2022, with the second and third books following in January and June of this year.

Wallings Nature Reserve Inc is a non-profit organization that focuses on biodiversity conservation, sustainability education, and community development.

The company manages the Wallings forest area and aims to raise awareness about the importance of preserving the environment.


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