Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Water Production, Road Repairs and Agriculture high on the Gaston Browne administration’s agenda for 2024

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Prime Minister Gaston Browne


JOHN’S, Antigua and Barbuda – 1stJanuary 2024……..Prime Minister the Hon. Gaston Browne has pledged his government’s determination to invest further in water production in Antigua and Barbuda during 2024.

In his New Year’s address to the nation, Prime Minister Browne said that his government remains concerned about the inconsistency in the provision of water and will ensure that all in the country enjoy a better quality of life through the production of water, road repairs and agricultural development.

“In 2024, my government will scale up investments in water production, road repairs, and agriculture to ensure that all in our country enjoy a better quality of life.  Do not believe for one second that I am not concerned about the inconsistency in the production and distribution of water.  I am.  We intend to make additional investments to increase the reliability of water production and distribution in 2024,” he said. 

The country’s leader said that the staff at APUA have been advised of his government’s desire for consistent results and will hold them accountable to high standards of performance.  

In addition, Prime Minister Browne outlined that 2024 must be a year with a difference.

“It must be marked by exciting achievements as we host both the United Nations 4th SIDS conference and several Cricket World Cup matches,” he said.  2024 will see over 9 international matches being playing in Antigua and Barbuda involving, English, Australia and West Indies cricket teams.

“Our country will be buzzing with the preparation and delivery of these important events.

Thousands of people, representing governments, private sector organisations, non-governmental organisations, international financial institutions and many others, will gather here on our shores,” Prime Minister Browne pointed out.

Prime Minister Browne said that the various activities provide the opportunity for Antiguans and Barbudans to demonstrate their hospitality, the attractions of the country, and  capacity as a society; to show that Antigua and Barbuda can match major venues in the world.

“No one should leave here without enjoying and acknowledging the appeal of our country and the charm of its people.They must all want to come back to Antigua and Barbuda – these brilliant islands in the sun.  That responsibility falls to all of us.  We must rise to the occasion, as I know we can,” stated Prime Minister Browne. (End)

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  1. Jane

    We need to stop import this large quantity of ground provisions from the other Caribbean islands. We need to save and protect our agricultural lands in Antigua and Barbuda for foods security. The other day the Dominican foods boat didn’t come to Antigua, and I finally get my green bananas sold in a quick time. A lot of farmers in also get all their produce sold.


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