Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Farmer fined for stealing from another farmer

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​By Zaya Williams


A farmer named William Pitman is now over $900 in debt after stealing scallions from a farm in Bethesda.

In the wee hours of the morning on January 5, Pitman pulled up to a farm near his, jumped the fence, and began pulling scallions out of the ground and loading them in a bucket.

To his surprise, the owner of the farm was waiting in hiding.

It is said that he had been a victim of theft many times and wanted to catch the perpetrator in the act.

Pitman was caught red-handed, and with a gun to his head, he was forced to bind his hands and feet with duct tape while the angry victim called the police.

The victim recorded the ordeal. In the video, Pitman was seen sitting on the ground begging for mercy.

The police later arrested him at the De Lapps estate property and took him to the station where he was later charged with stealing 27 scallions worth $4 each.

He initially appeared in court on Monday where he pleaded guilty.

The defendant, however, was remanded until the next day for sentencing.

On Tuesday his sentence handed down by Magistrate Ngaio Emanuel was a fine of $900 and restitution in the sum of $108.


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