Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Cracker’s Killer May Have Been Seeking Revenge; Won’t Turn Himself in Until Another Target is Killed-CID

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Lawmen could soon arrest a person of interest as they are reportedly making good progress into the killing of 24-year-old Keiron ‘Cracker’ Hutson of Yorks who was gunned down in Grays Farm Sunday night.

Cracker became the country’s first homicide for the year, and police say they are making ‘good progress’ that will soon lead to an arrest in the case.

According to the Head of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), Clifton Cabral, police may have already identified the perpetrator of the crime.

He said that the individual is well known to law enforcement, and police have been on a vigorous search for him.

Cabral said, “We received intelligence that he was staying in an apartment at a particular location, but when we arrived, he was nowhere to be found. Our search, therefore, continues.”

He said the investigation suggests that the shooting may have been a case of revenge.

 “Our information is that this shooting was a reprisal for another incident that happened sometime in the past. We also learned that the person of interest has indicated that he will not turn himself in until he exacts revenge on another individual,” he revealed.

That other individual is currently under close police watch.

Cracker was pronounced dead at the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre at approximately 8:30 pm on Sunday, roughly one hour after he was shot multiple times at a social gathering on Christian Street, Grays Farm.

The assailant, armed and unidentified, approached him shortly after 7:30 PM, opening fire.

Emergency Medical Services swiftly responded, arriving at the scene within six minutes of the distress call.

Despite their efforts, Hutson succumbed to his injuries upon reaching the hospital.


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