Editorial Staff
1 month ago

Editorial Staff
1 month ago

Jewellery thief fined 3,000 USD for stolen 14,000 USD ring

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By Zaya Williams


On Tuesday, Anthony Wayne George was slapped with a 3000 USD fine for the theft of a nearly 14,000 USD ring from Diamond International last year.

On the morning of September 11, 2023, George went to a jewellery store in Heritage Quay and asked a clerk to show him some engagement rings.

He asked to hold one and capture a picture of it, slipping it into his pockets without detection by the sales representative.

Crafting an excuse about needing to meet his ‘wife,’ George left the store.

As the worker placed the rings back into their designated slots, the missing ring was noticed, prompting a call to the manager.

The store’s camera footage revealed George’s illicit act, pocketing a white gold crown of light ring valued at 13,669 USD.

Subsequent to a vehicle search, the stolen ring was discovered. George was promptly arrested and charged, later admitting to larceny during proceedings in the High Court on Tuesday.

 Justice Tunde Bakre imposed a fine amounting to a fraction of the ring’s value and ordered the return of the stolen item to the jewellery store.


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