Editorial Staff
3 weeks ago

Editorial Staff
3 weeks ago

AA Flight Diverted to St. Kitts Due to Bad Weather in Antigua

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Yesterday, American Airlines flight 2580 (737-800) from Miami to Antigua had to make an unexpected stop in St. Kitts due to bad weather conditions preventing the plane from landing at the V.C. Bird International Airport.

Despite refueling, a second attempt to return to Antigua was unsuccessful.

The flight then proceeded to fly over St. Kitts before heading to San Juan Puerto Rico.

The passengers on board will undoubtedly have an interesting story to share from their unexpected journey.


  1. Donna

    This paragraph in the article is not lining up the article title. “The flight then proceeded to fly over St. Kitts before heading to San Juan Puerto Rico.” The flight didn’t diverted to Saint Kitts, it flown over the island and diverted to San Juan Puerto Rico. Isn’t American Airlines normally fly over either Saint Kitts or Nevis when coming to Antigua on a normal day?? Students who are study journalism are examining how ANR are writing their articles. The title of the article should correspond with the body of the said article.

    • Veronica

      I was on this flight. This article does not tell the story. Our pilots were inadequate. We have the flightaware tracking. First time we teied to land the weather was bad. We were 700 ft from the ground without an airstrip in site. As we “tried” to land a second time from the southwest side of the island, a flight that took off from mimi after us landed successfully from the north side.
      We were the only plane who didn’t land successfully in Antigua that day. Our pilots landing in Puerto Rico was about as ruff as it gets and our pilots landing in Antigua the next day was extremely ruff (we once again approached from the southwest side) This pilot needs to be grounded. He didn’t save us…he almost killed is, not to mention cost us countless hours of unnecessary trouble on our trip.

  2. Anonymous

    Apparently they did land in st kitts,and refuel the plane there then proceed back to Antigua but couldn’t land a second time


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