Editorial Staff
3 weeks ago

Editorial Staff
3 weeks ago

Brighter Day Expected Today

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Over the past twenty-four hours, Antigua and Barbuda have been experiencing inclement weather conditions, which are expected to improve today.

According to the Met Office, the frontal trough affecting the weather over the past 36 hours is moving out of the area, bringing gradual improvements in the weather conditions.

The system has caused heavy rainfall in parts of Antigua, particularly in the southern and central areas of the island.

However, Barbuda has recorded less than an inch of rain from the system. The Met Office reported that a frontal trough causes unsettled conditions over the Leeward Islands.

As this feature moves eastwards, beginning overnight, a reduction in moisture is expected to result in gradually improving conditions over the islands by today.

Today is forecasted to be mostly cloudy, with a 60 percent chance of brief showers in the morning, becoming sunnier in the afternoon.

According to Lennox Josiah, a forecaster at the Met Office, the flash flood watch issued on Wednesday was discontinued at midday on Thursday.

Although there has been heavy rainfall in some areas, there have not been any reports of flooding.

These weather systems impact the region at this time of the year, and the difference with this system that has been impacting the islands for the past 36 hours is that there have been what he termed ‘enhancements.’

It was because of concerns arising from this development that led to the issuing of the flash flood watch on Wednesday.

NODS’s head, Sherrod James, said his department had not received any reports of flooding in any area, nor were there any weather-related activities to report.

The shelters close to flood-prone areas were opened on Wednesday night, but no one took up the offer to go to or stay in these shelters.

Due to the inclement weather, the entire school system was shut down on Thursday.

However, Clare Browne, the Director of Education, has announced that the school system is expected to return to normality on Friday.

In the event that the anticipated overnight showers continue into Friday, they may have to revisit their decision.

The Sr Lester Bird Medical Centre suspended Outpatient Clinics (inclusive of Rehab and Oncology) on Thursday due to the inclement weather.

It also announced that the suspension of services for the drawing of blood for tests will end today, as these services too, resume at the hospital.


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