Editorial Staff
3 weeks ago

Editorial Staff
3 weeks ago

Bendals man acquitted of drug possession and trafficking charges.

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By Zaya Williams


A man previously accused of possessing 42 pounds of cannabis and trafficking said drugs was acquitted of all charges last month.

Troy Christian underwent trial late last year following police allegations that on November 20, 2020, in Bendals, he unlawfully possessed marijuana valued at over $190,000 and was involved in its trafficking.

Christian entered pleas of not guilty to both charges, prompting the prosecution to call upon three witnesses to substantiate their case.

Reports indicate that Christian was reported to be the tenant of a rented apartment in Bendals, which he shared with another individual.

During the trial, prosecution witnesses recounted how they executed a search warrant on the premises and discovered the drugs in a northern room.

Christian contested this, asserting that the northern room was not occupied by him but by his housemate, who had absconded during the search.

In response, the prosecution argued that since Christian and his girlfriend were the only individuals found on the premises, he must have been in possession of the controlled substances.

However, Christian maintained that all the items found in the northern bedroom belonged to his housemate.

Under the defense of Vere Bird, it was emphasized that the occupant of the northern room generally kept to himself.

Additionally, it was noted that Christian himself did not frequently stay at the residence, as he predominantly spent his time at his girlfriend’s place.

Subsequent to the presentation of evidence and arguments, Christian was acquitted of all charges on January 16.


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