Editorial Staff
3 weeks ago

Editorial Staff
3 weeks ago

Dominica: Veteran calypsonian Dice achieves historic milestone by securing his 10th Calypso crown

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Last night’s National Calypso Competition in Dominica was nothing short of epic!

Dennison Joseph, better known as Dice, delivered an electrifying performance from spot number 10 and secured his reign as the island’s Calypso King.

The audience and judges were left in awe of Dice’s captivating stage presence and unparalleled talent as he belted out his signature hits “Wanted” and “Bring Money” – both penned by his long-time writer Pat Aron.

The competition was a closely contested battle, with Trilla G, the former reigning monarch, coming in at a close second.

But Dice outshone two promising newcomers, Shanice and Joy, who secured third and fourth place respectively.

The competition was stacked with talented veterans like Liberator, The Bobb, Tasha P, De Webb, Checker, and Black Diamond.

This isn’t Dice’s first rodeo, as he claimed his first calypso crown in 2004 with his hits “Minding My Business” and “Animal Farm.”

And he has continued to earn the prestigious title in 2005, 2006, 2008, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2017, 2019, and now in 2024, cementing his legacy as one of the most celebrated calypsonians in Dominica.

So, if you’re dying to know more about Dice’s monumental achievement and plans for the future, stay tuned for exclusive photos and a full interview with the newly crowned monarch.


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