Editorial Staff
2 weeks ago

Editorial Staff
2 weeks ago

Scammers’ latest efforts see impersonation of Opposition MP.

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Scammers have once again been up to their nefarious ways, this time impersonating St. Mary’s South MP Kelvin ‘Shugy’ Simon.

The MP has warned the public that scammers are using his name to target businesses, and advised that neither he nor his team would ever ask for donations through unauthorized means.

It appears that the scam involves fraudulent solicitations via phone calls, emails, and social media.

Anyone who receives such solicitations is advised to report the matter to law enforcement or call Simon directly at 781-3369.

Unfortunately, Simon is not the first person of notable merit to fall victim to this type of fraudulent practice.

On several occasions, the Governor General himself, Sir Rodney Williams, has been impersonated, leaving residents swindled out of thousands of dollars.

Other government officials, including Attorney General Sir Steadroy ‘Cutie’ Benjamin and Minister of Education, Sports and Creative Industries Daryll Matthew, have also fallen victim to these scams.

In some cases, even government institutions have been impersonated. For example, in 2020, crooks created a fake APUA post to trick customers into believing that they had won gifts and other electronic devices from the company, in an attempt to garner personal information.


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