Editorial Staff
7 months ago

Editorial Staff
7 months ago

Man Fakes Robbery to Obtain Cash

By Zaya Williams


The police are not taking lightly, the making of false reports and that’s exactly what Sean Fevrier did which landed him into trouble with the law.

The court heard on Thursday that Fevrier called the police station claiming that he was robbed.

He admitted that on June 12, he called the police and reported that his laptop and cellular phone were stolen from Jolly Beach.

He told an officer that he went to the beach for a swim and hid his valuables under a towel but returned to find that they had been stolen.

The police called him in to take his statement on many occasions but he was a no-show.

The investigation continued nonetheless and a few days ago the police obtained a warrant to search his home.

It was in the search of the defendant’s Jolly Harbour home that they found the same laptop and phone he claimed was stolen.

He told the cops that he did it because he was in need of money.

Magistrate Conliffe Clarke admonished the man when he appeared in court, noting that he wasted the time of many persons and not just the police.

The man’s lawyer begged for him to be fined $300 but the Magistrate fined him $1000 instead.


  1. Anonymous

    All he wanted was to make money but he got the opposite of his wish.

  2. Hehe

    So now he probably has to sell his laptop and phone, to be able to afford the fine.

    Oh, the irony!

    • Anonymous

      Lol. Just so it go


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