G7 leaders agree to strengthen Ukraine’s air defence

Leaders of the G7 have agreed to provide Ukraine with stronger air defence systems as it struggles with unending Russian missile attacks. The bloc held a virtual meeting on Monday, centred on how to support and rebuild Ukraine as it defends itself against ariel attacks from its neighbours.

“Today, we reaffirm our unwavering support for and solidarity with Ukraine in the face of the ongoing Russian war of aggression for as long as it takes,” a statement released after the G7 meeting reads. “We will continue to coordinate efforts to meet Ukraine’s urgent requirements for military and defence equipment with an immediate focus on providing Ukraine with air defence systems and capabilities.”

The calls by the Ukrainian government for more robust air defence systems have not been given enough attention by the Western countries, who are unarguably involved in the war behind the scene. Last month, the US Defence Department said it delivered two National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile Systems to Ukraine. However, the Ukrainian military continues to ask for more, as the Russians continue to strike critical infrastructures, leaving many citizens without power supply at a time when winter has come to visit. 

Why peace could still be far off

The outcome of Monday’s meeting also shows negotiations and diplomacy is still not on the table. The battle for supremacy between the West and Russia might have to continue as long as possible. Both sides appear unwilling to sit down and find a way out of the crisis that has affected both sides adversely.

While Ukraine and its allies have argued that the Ukrainians will not negotiate its territories, the Russians, on the other hand, have insisted that there is no going back on the recent referendum that added parts of Ukraine to its map. The G7 leaders said they agreed with Zelensky’s call for a just peace. 

Following Monday’s meeting, part of a statement released by the Whitehouse reads: “To date, we have not seen evidence that Russia is committed to sustainable peace efforts. Russia can end this war immediately by ceasing its attacks against Ukraine and completely and unconditionally withdrawing its forces from the territory of Ukraine.”

While Russia is often accused of starting a war without a cause, the Kremlin, on the other hand, has accused the West of depriving Ukraine of engaging in peace talks. With Russia struggling to keep up the 10-month war and the West rearming Ukraine daily, the end of the war might be farther than expected. 

Meeting Ukraine’s financial needs

The G7 also discussed how to support Ukraine financially in rebuilding the nation that has lost its glory to an avoidable war. 

“Building on our commitments so far, we will continue to galvanise international support to help address Ukraine’s urgent short-term financing needs,” the WhiteHouse read out of the meeting says. “We ask our Finance Ministers to convene shortly to discuss a joint approach for coordinated budget support in 2023. We affirm that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) should be central to this effort.”

The leaders concluded they would secure “Ukraine’s immediate stability and its recovery and reconstruction towards a sustainable, prosperous and democratic future.” Next year, allies of Ukraine will meet on June 21-22 in London to discuss how best to rebuild Ukraine. The bloc added that a multi-agency Donor Coordination Platform would be established to help fund the rebuilding process. 


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