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Editorial Staff

Seven inmates leading gang at Prison-Charlesworth Browne

The Chairman of the Prisons Visiting Committee Charlesworth Browne says seven inmates have been identified as the ring leaders stirring up trouble at the penal institution.

He said these men will most likely have charges added to their sentence and could serve more time at Her Majesty’s Prison

“There are about seven inmates, who are leading in the charge. We have identified them and the superintendent along with the prison staff will know what to do with them. They will be further charged. They are already serving time but they will now have more time on their time,” he said.

“I witnessed two pails being tossed out of the windows on prison officers. These things are not necessary”

Meanwhile, Browne said the conditions at the prison must be addressed.

​“I am not in any way underestimating or downplaying the fact that the prison situation is inhumane in the sense that the living conditions, how they have to live in the cells, their toilet facilities…we have been agitating over this night and day but we have also made attempts to redress even the toilet facilities,” he said

Browne said that based on the structure of the prison, some of the demands the prisoners are making cannot be met at this time.

“There is no space to put a toilet in the cells. To go and break walls and put in a toilet, cannot be done. There are plans to build a new facility but it is not going to come overnight. And when that new facility comes it will come with those things in mind”

“I remember during my tenure, we were even talking about air conditioning the cells, so much we were concerned. But then as you begin to allow the rubber to hit the road, you realize it cannot be easily done,” he said.

The prison remains under a 24-hour lockdown.

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