Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Officers Take Action Over Mold at Police Station

Mold has made its way into the St. John’s Police Station and has forced officers to take action.

This morning, officers who occupy the east side of the Newgate Street building decided to stage a sit-in to have the unhealthy working conditions at the station fixed immediately.

Law enforcement officials were seated at the back of the building while they awaited word from officials on when the issue would be addressed.

Commissioner of Police Atlee Rodney along with other high-ranking officers visited the station and conducted a walk-through.

However, Antigua News has learned that the protest will continue tomorrow if the issue is not rectified today.

Persons seeking to obtain criminal records and as well as persons with court matters were among those affected.

The Magistrate’s court was unable to have sittings today.

Minister of Legal Affairs Steadroy Benjamin says his ministry will be working feverishly to address the matter.

In May, the High Court had to close for about two weeks due to the same issue. The building had to be deep cleaned before staff returned to work.

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  1. Mae

    Doesn’t government has a maintenance department within Public Works to maintain all government-owned facilities?? Weston didn’t do a good job maintaining these facilities, so I don’t think Gaston/Maria can do any better. It’s a shame that government can’t get it right in maintaining its facilities to a proper standard. The hospital invested with rats 🐀 and roaches and Fiennes Institute is infested with rats 🐀 🪳, bed bugs and mold all on the walls.


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